RUUMZ Future Value-Add Ideas

Raise the Floor Price
Run a competition.  Create a supporter's 'floor' NFT that can be minted for just the price of GAS by any RUUMZ holder that either de-lists or sets their base selling price to above a price you decide is good for floor.  eg 0.25 ETH

Give a 7 day lead time for a START snapshot of anyone who is taking part and an END snapshot a week later so the floor stays in place for a bit.

Raise the Individual Price.
Run a competition with a start date and end date with the prize being a RUUMZ Xclusive NFT for the highest price sold within the window.  Or maybe even a limited edition RUUM for the top 10 prices.   The winner would be the people who bought at the price.  NFTs would be money themed of course.

Raise Awareness.
Run a competition to giveaway a couple of RUUMZ to an NFT draw/giveaway group.  The type of groups have members who are membership NFT holders and get dropped various NFTs as part of continual draws but also tend to buy these NFT's themselves.

Example of such a group is The Million Dollar Rat project who have been dropping high profile NFTs to members such as Bored Apes Yacht Club:

Keep up the collaboration Xclusives.
These are brilliant and you have some really nice themes coming out of these.  I would like to suggest an excellent exposure enhancing collaboration would be with a high profile blockchain gaming platform such as Gala Games (TWITTER:   Themed rooms for some of their games would be a mass hit.  Especially the most talked about one Mirandus (medieval type fantasy MMORPG which is still in development)  Gala followers tend to be NFT crazy and would likely be trying to get in on RUUMZ on the secondary market.

PS I have access to a core team contact and can make introductions if this works for you