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 ‼️UPDATE: 02/09/21: POLYGON & FANTOM SOON! DVPN at 1000 wallets‼️

➡️The Official StrongBlock Telegram!⬅️ 👋Welcome to the StrongBlock Telegram community. We’re glad you’re here.👋 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT * Be kind. * Be brief. * Look for answers before you ask questions. * Don’t make stuff up or speculate. Stick with the facts. * If you have node creation, fees, staking or claiming issues, create a SUPPORT ticket * No price talk - there is an unofficial chat for that. * Don't FUD. What would your mother say? * Show @kryptolex, @diamondgirl73 and the other admins some love. They do a tremendous job. 🚫 BEWARE OF SCAMS 🚫 * IS IT STRONGBLOCK?: If you didn’t hear it from us here, on Twitter, or in Medium, we didn’t say it ‼️ * NO AIRDROPS: We did not - and have not planned - any airdrops. * NO GIVEAWAYS: We do NOT do giveaways. If we do, we’ll announce them on TG or Twitter. * NO SCAMS: People will do anything to get your MetaMask seed phrase. NEVER GIVE THAT OUT. * NO PRIVATE KEYS: We will NEVER DM you to ask for your private keys. * NO DM’S: We will NEVER DM you to ask you to send STRONG or NFT’s to us. * NO SNIPING: If a bidder on OpenSea offers USDC, not ETH or WETH, don’t fall for it! 👀 STAY ALERT 👀 DVPN Nodes As of August 31, 2021, 3:00pm PDT, we have increased the number of wallets whitelisted for DVPN node creation to 1000. If you have wallets with corresponding serial numbers 1 through 1000, (see below) you may now create a DVPN Node. If you are eligible, please check your "My Nodes" page for instructions on how to create one. Please note that DVPN nodes will appear under the "My Nodes" section once they are provisioned on the Sentinel network (which can take up to 4 hours, average 1 hour right now). For the time being, they will NOT be counted in the normal APP counts of nodes. Meaning, if you have 3 STRONG & 1 DVPN. (You will still see 4 nodes displayed. But, will only be shown 3 out of 200 max in top-left). That will be updated in the UI soon. NFT boosts will not currently apply to DVPN nodes. If the 1000 DVPN pilot node creators in the $STRONG community believe this protocol will benefit the rest of the community, we’ll open up more nodes to launch. NEW PROTOCOLS We are excited to welcome Fantom (FTM) and Polygon (MATIC) as the newest protocols for which we will be launching nodes. We’re making preparations now. We’re also talking with Polygon about our NFT earning initiative and DeFi farms. Launching of Polygon and then Fantom will be rolled out soon. Expect at least one more protocol announcement before Polygon rolls out. We now have over 80 prospective protocols we’re considering, several suggested by the STRONG community. And for gosh sakes, please understand we are working with other protocols - including Polygon and Fantom - with the possibility of migrating nodes, pools and other components there for lower gas fees. This is not an easy undertaking, as it involves moving assets, wrapping STRONG, creating or picking ERC-20 bridges, and determining there is adequate liquidity and a thriving ecosystem. So we need to be quite careful about how we proceed. While we’re happy to talk with other less-known and less-adopted protocols, the likelihood is that we will go with one or more highly adopted protocols. SIGNALING ​​The signaling system as it exists right now is not what we originally intended. It was meant to support and highlight nodes and node operators within the community. The current system has high gas costs, and is some of the oldest code - it’s still the same contract from last September. It’s being rewritten so it can support the original intent. With the DVPN/UI update, signaling is now limited to those who have already previously signalled. If you are signaling, you are still accumulating rewards until you claim.
David Moss
It will either be updated to expand signaling overall, or will be replaced by a new signaling system that is closer to the original signaling idea, with leaderboards. The UI was updated on 8/12/2021 to make it easier to find your signaling rewards. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (in expected order of release) * New NaaS node partners (many in process, not yet announced) * Cross-chain pools and nodes on Polygon, Fantom, BSC and HECO and more. * Deflationary cross-chain pools with NFT rewards (a way to earn Metal NFT’s) * Earning NFT’s * Node Balancer (like Infura) for Ethereum 1.0 and other protocols HALVENING * The Halvening scheduled for the week of July 19, 2021, was postponed indefinitely. * If a future halvening is absolutely necessary, we will present our findings to the community. If the community agrees on moving forward, we will give plenty of notice regarding when it will occur. * The primary reason for rewards adjustments is due to the small supply of STRONG. There just aren't that many to go around. So they're going to get more and more scarce to keep the protocol going for years. * We're working on several new approaches that will reduce or eliminate the need for Halvenings. * We now have multiple mathematical models we’re now testing for balancing the rewards ecosystem. * After working with our Swiss economics advisor, we are also looking at several models that would collectively support rewards in the protocol for a sustained period of time. METAL NFT’s * You will need a Metal NFT to get early access to new node protocols. * Late this summer we will introduce a program that will allow anyone (especially those just starting out) to earn their way up into Silver, Gold and Platinum NFT's. * Metal NFT’s are available for swapping at * Holding any Metal NFT will boost your rewards AND give you early access. * Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are each more rare, have higher rewards and faster breakeven, provide more access, and are therefore progressively more expensive. PROTOCOL NOTES * There is a 90-day pay-in-advance limit for node fees. * There is an upper limit of 200 nodes per wallet. Due to Ethereum math limitations, that upper limit will soon be lowered to around 100 nodes. This will not affect those who already have more than 100 nodes. NODE FEES Initial and monthly NaaS Ethereum 1.0 node fees are approximately $14.95, based on basis points of the current price of Ethereum. This is adjusted regularly based on Ethereum price, which fluctuates. Your initial and monthly price will never be exactly $14.95. The smart contracts set months at 7000 Ethereum blocks times 30, or 210,000 Ethereum blocks, since your node was registered. As your node reaches 210k blocks, you will be prompted to pay the maintenance fee in ETH. If you do not pay the maintenance fee past its due date block, you cannot claim rewards. If you have not paid after a set period of time - currently 30 days (another 210,000 blocks), your node will be removed by the smart contract and you will no longer be able to claim rewards. Fees for NaaS nodes other than Ethereum 1.0 may be higher based on server and bandwidth costs. MARKETING * DaoMaker is StrongBlock’s marketing partner. * Check Twitter and the youtube channel for new videos. * NOTE: A tremendous amount of planning and work is going on at all times behind the scenes. Like most DeFI protocols, we no longer make announcements until we are certain something is going to happen. FIND STRONG TRACK STRONG LEARN ABOUT STRONG FOLLOW $STRONG STRONG REWARDS * Reward levels are NOT, and have never been, guaranteed; they are a goal that can be reached with a combination of STRONG,
NFT’s, revenue, and other incentives, and will change over time based on a number of factors. * The goal is to sustain dependable and predictable node rewards while maintaining a zero-inflation or deflationary ecosystem. STRONG NODE HEALTH * NaaS Ethereum 1.0 nodes were updated to the London Hard Fork as of 8/5/2021. STRONG SUPPORT TICKET SYSTEM Over 2100 closed tickets! Please use the “Support” button in the lower-left-hand side of the App to create a support ticket if you are having an issue with creating a node, having issues with claiming, etc. Include your wallet address and a screenshot! And for gosh sakes, be respectful, be kind, and don’t use profanity. Nothing stated in this Telegram by StrongBlock is financial advice. 🙏Thanks for reading to the end and being a part of the community. 🙏